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Promotion of Immigrant Entrepreneurship Project (PEI)

This project aims to support migrants setting-up a business.  The project is comprised of two interdependent areas:

- Training sessions to support immigrants to develop their business idea and establish their businesses.

- Follow-up meetings to support the entrepreneur with developing their business plan and its implementation.  These meetings commence once the training sessions are completed; this is when the entrepreneur needs help to plan and set up their business or they may need support in managing a certain aspect of their business.

The learning acquired in the training sessions is supported by a manual where business ideas can be developed and where the participant can find useful information about the steps involved in setting up a business.

Type of Best Practice


Methodology used in the Best Practice

The project is designed and delivered in a series of activities which are implemented with the needs of the entrepreneurs in mind and aims to support them to take the next step in setting up their business.  This is achieved by planning and delivering the project through a series of sequential steps, as follows:

  • Step 1: all institutions involved in the project are aware about the responsibilities and duties they should assume;
  • Step 2: the entities identify the participants (through promotion; interviews; information sessions; etc.)
  • Step 3: the courses begin in the institutions (in preparation for this the institution appoints a trainer; the course involves group training sessions which are supplemented by individual one-to-one meetings; the course is delivered over 10 weeks);
  • Step 4: once the course is finished and for those who received a letter of recommendation (resulting from a risk analysis), starts a period of consultancy with the trainer to support the entrepreneur in the business implementation.

Throughout the planned training activities, the participants are encouraged to develop their business idea with the support of the trainer. The entrepreneur is encouraged to experiment with the business idea, testing the product or service, presenting the product or service to potential clients, etc.  During this process the intention it’s to develop the business project but also to improve the competences and confidence of the entrepreneur.  This process always ends with a risk analysis that takes into account the potential financial risks to the business.

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