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Slovak Business Agency

The main objective of the project was to identify barriers and propose measures to eliminate barriers to business and employment of third-country nationals and improve the economic integration of third country nationals. The main outputs of the project include the creation of information materials for third-country nationals in different languages, which include procedures for starting a business and recommendations and proposals of measures to eliminate barriers to the economic integration of third country nationals.

The project was implemented in the period from March 2014 to June 2015.

Type of Best Practice

Project, Guide for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Methodology used in the Best Practice

Throughout the project, the Slovak Business Agency conducted quantitative and qualitative research with immigrants about the barriers that they perceive to have when they start or run a business in Slovakia.  The target groups were the most represented groups of migrants from third countries in the Slovak Republic, namely; Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Ukrainian and Serbian immigrants. The survey was conducted on a sample of 300 third-country nationals and over 1,000 small and medium-sized enterprises. The respondents were also asked to suggest solutions that would help them to overcome these barriers. The most common response which was offered as a solution by the research group was a practical guide for accessing support from institutions and understanding procedures to be followed to start or run a business in Slovakia.

Slovak Business Agency then created a guide for immigrants, which is available for a free download in 6 languages on the website.

Access to the Best Practice

The Guide for Immigrants can be downloaded in 6 languages at this link:


The guide in English is available here: http://www.sbagency.sk/sites/default/files/starting_bus_0.pdf