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SENTIM – Social Entrepreneurship for Immigrants

SENTIM aims to provide opportunities for migrants to gain meaningful employment in social enterprises.  This project provides support to private and public companies to put proper models in place which provide the supports which migrant employees require.  SENTIM supports these companies to employ migrants; leading to improved economic growth and job creation for migrants at local level and within the framework of the social economy.

SENTIM has been developed by four organisations, namely Burgos Acoge (ES), G.O.Bufanini (IT), IED (GR) and STEP Institute (SL).  These organisations all have vast experience in entrepreneurship and the social economy; as well as experience of working with immigrants, developing methodologies, providing VET services adapted to different target groups, working to develop competences and innovating new ideas in the labour market. The project by itself provides new methods and systems to improve entrepreneurship within the framework of the social economy.

Type of Best Practice


Methodology used in the Best Practice

SENTIM have developed research and learning resource materials which will help to develop new methodologies to identify and assess specific entrepreneurial skills, as well a methodology to train specific skills and competences in this field.  These resources have been developed as a series of handbooks on the following topics:  

  1. Business Opportunities within the framework of the social economy;
  2. Methodology to identify and assess the specific skills for entrepreneurship;
  3. Development of a new methodology to train in specific skills and competences.

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