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Advocacy Training for Migrant Groups

The Advocacy Training for Migrant Groups programme is based on the belief that ‘knowing how to make effective presentations to politicians, service providers and institutions is a key skill’ and all citizens in Ireland should have this skill to ensure their fair and equal access to services. For this reason, the training has been designed and delivered in such a way that it will develop the capacity and confidence of newly arrived migrant communities to be able to represent themselves, access their basic services, be aware of and defend their rights in Ireland and to empower them to help others within their communities to participate fully in Irish civic life.  The outcomes of this training have meant that newly arrived migrant communities are better equipped to engage in Irish society, and feel better integrated into their new host communities.

Type of best practice:


Methodology used in the Best Practice

The training was delivered through a series of interactive, practical workshops.  The delivery of this training was based on sound ethical and best practice methodologies for working with new migrants, and the trainers ensured that all content is easily interpreted and understood by ethnic minorities, the majority of whom will have no experience of training in this field.

The following content is covered as part of this training programme:

  • how to develop strategic alliances with State institutions;
  • developing effective committee skills;
  • developing effective participation and representation skills;
  • understanding the major State institutions in Ireland  - education, legal and political;
  • identifying strategic networks (non-statutory);
  • identifying sources of funding;
  • how to complete funding applications;
  • how to monitor and evaluate projects;
  • developing advocacy skills;
  • understanding the workings of the media in Ireland.

Results of the Best Practice

Migrants benefited greatly from this course because on completion of the course they felt confident that they could effectively engage with state service providers; that they could articulate their concerns as individuals and as communities at local and national level and; that they had a fuller understanding of economic, social, political and cultural life in Ireland.

Access to the Best Practice

Additional information and resources from this training can be found at this link: http://www.newcommunities.ie/training/advocacy-training-for-mig.html