Jamie Taylor

Library of Best Practice

The GAEM Programme

The GAEM programme was created in 2015 to provide specialized support services for migrants entrepreneurs.

The objective of the initiative is to provide support and guidance to migrants for all aspects, and at all phases, of business activity from the development of a business idea to its implementation and continuation and in some cases, to dissolution of a business.

The objectives are achieved through delivering a highly individual business support service to migrant entrepreneurs. It includes legal and regulatory advice and information on access to finance.


The service provides support to migrants where they can get advice and individual support in several areas.

As part of this programme, advisers provide specific guidance to migrant entrepreneurs in areas including drawing up a business plan, finance, law, accounting and marketing and designing. The initiative also helps with particular legal, regulatory or accounting questions. They can also act as intermediaries, providing contacts with relevant entities. Advsors also help to find opportunities to network with other migrant entrepreneurs.

If the advisers go over the business plans and find some parts unfeasible they work together with the participant to improve these parts until the business plan can be deemed viable. It is the adviser’s job to remain firmly realistic and to consider all the aspects of the business and not be swept away by the participant’s enthusiasm.

The main strength of this initiative is the adviser’s strong commitment to providing a highly personalized and thorough service. This guidance is crucial for the future success of the enterprise.