Jamie Taylor

Library of Best Practice

The Realise Project

The goal of the Realise project is to reduce the under-employment among third country nationals who participate in the European labour market.This project is supported by the European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals.

Improving immigrants’ labour market access to jobs they are qualified for not only helps immigrants to reach their potential, but it also contributes to the host country’s economy.  In Hungary’s situation, the country’s concern of having aging population calls for increased labour market participation of migrant communities. 

The project will involve a wide cohort of local stakeholders who will identify barriers to meaningful employment for migrants and will develop solutions to reduce under-employment of migrant workers. In addition, they will implement pilot interventions.  Issues raised by the local panels and the success of local interventions will be discussed at transnational workshops. You can reach the project’s website at: http://realise2020.wordpress.com/about/