Jamie Taylor

Library of Best Practice

Immigrants in Action – Starting a business in Poland

The Immigrants in Action project aims to advance integration by promoting exchanges of ideas, knowledge and best practice to build the capacity of the youth organisations and support multi-stakeholder networking between participating organisations. Through these activities the project team wants to share information and experiences of working with migrant youth to improve service provision and supports to these young migrant communities.  This project involves non-formal groups as well as migrant organisations working actively in and for their communities, and other organisations working to support migrant youth, in areas of social inclusion and integration.

The project aims to build the capacity of migrant groups and organisations in delivering their activities.  These activities include initiatives to support the integration of young migrants, as well as to deliver training in the areas of entrepreneurship and work-based skills to enhance the employability and economic integration of young migrants.

The project has been developed in consultation with young migrants to discuss how to engage in more effective multicultural group work.  Participation of youth is the basis of this project, as well creating opportunities to discover and develop their skills and aspirations to be involved in advocacy and promotion activities at a further stage of the project implementation.

The project is designed in a way to exchange, gain knowledge and skills and then to use them in practice. Outcomes of the project include capacity building in migrant organisations and exchange good practices in working with the youth.  By engaging and involving young people, especially migrant youth, the project developed ways of working with the youth in order to understand their experience and to conduct deeper needs assessment, involving and engaging them to be active in our project and in European civic life.