Jamie Taylor

Library of Best Practice

Enterprising Migrant Women Club

The Foundation for Somalia in Poland is working to deliver the Enterprising Migrant Women Club programme.  This programme is delivered through a series of meetings where migrant women come together to learn about the Polish labour market and administration.   The purpose of these meetings is to give migrant women the opportunity to learn about Polish migrant law and to discuss how to overcome barriers which are prohibiting their social and economic inclusion.

Through this series of meetings, the programme aims to encourage migrant women to be aware of their rights and entitlements. Issues which are raised at these meetings include their rights as working mothers; how they can remain in the country legally and how to prolong their residence in the easiest way.  In these meetings, members look for answers to these questions. Working in this multicultural group, members discuss their current problems and seek support from professionals and experts working in this field, such as lawyers and job counsellors from the Foundation for Somalia. Group members share new ideas and experiences.

Through these workshops, migrant women also get to know each other better and learn about each other’s cultures and customs. They organise multicultural workshops where women can talk about their countries and their cultures. They are also learning Peruvian dances, Egyptian make-up and Eritrean coffee brewing.   In addition, the Foundation for Somalia also organizes English language classes as well