Jamie Taylor

Library of Best Practice

The WINGS Project - Migrant Female Entrepreneurship

The WINGS project aimed to create a European network on female entrepreneurship and an online platform to facilitate access and sharing of learning and training tools, and support women entrepreneurs. The project was paying particular attention to the entrepreneurship of migrant women through the production of a regional report on this specific issue.

The WINGS project consortium successfully developed a European network to facilitate ICT systems for the learning, support and training of women entrepreneurs in order to give widespread visibility and maximize the exploitation of good innovative practices in the sector.  Through this work, the project team was able to strengthen links between EU women entrepreneurs to foster the exchange of knowledge and experience through a multi-language online platform and to foster new business opportunities by creating a virtual e-commerce market and facilitating international networking.

The multi-lingual online platform, and all training materials developed, can be accessed through the project site: http://wings-network.eu/en/learning_materials