Jamie Taylor

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Berufsanerkennung [Professional Recognition]

In Austrian the regulations for setting up a business are very strict. For this reason, it is often important that qualifications and professional experience attained in a migrant’s home country are recognised so that the person can do business in Austria. Such recognition is often associated with high costs. At the Austrian Integration Funds (ÖIF) migrants can apply for financial support to have their qualifications and past experience recognised.

As part of the Berufsanerkennung grant offered by the Austrian Integration Funds (ÖIF), the following costs can be reimbursed:

Recognition of qualifications:

  • Costs for issuing recognition certificates
  • Translation costs for documents and certificates
  • Administrative charges

Evaluation of qualifications:

  • Translation costs for documents and certificates
  • Costs for valuation reports

For more information on this grant, please visit: http://www.berufsanerkennung.at/en/