Jamie Taylor

Library of Best Practice

Incubators for Immigrants

‘Incubators for Immigrants’ was set-up by a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, who agreed that positive action was needed to support refuge and migrant entrepreneurs. They discovered that enterprising refugees could get a (temporarily) residence permit in a shorter time than usual if they could show that they intend to develop successful businesses in the Netherlands. Incubators for Immigrants removes the bureaucracy that is involved in setting up a business as an immigrant; giving refugees the same opportunities as Dutch entrepreneurs.

Refugees are people with diverse backgrounds and capacities. IFI wants to support the entrepreneurs among refugee communities in the Netherlands and give them the opportunity to establish a business in their host country so that they can build meaningful futures for themselves and their families.

Refugee entrepreneurs can submit their business plan to IFI; which will be evaluated by the foundation after the submission. If a business plan is positively assessed, the entrepreneur who submitted it will be inducted onto the support programme. As part of this programme, refugee entrepreneurs will have access to guidance in setting up their business, marketing services and other business and administrative support; as well as assistance with legal proceedings and social assistance.

For more information on this programme, please visit: http://incubatorsforimmigrants.com/