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Migrant Entrepreneurship Training Skills Programme

The Migrant Entrepreneurship Training Skills Programme aims to give individuals from migrant communities the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills and expertise needed to establish and run their own micro-enterprise in Ireland. 

Offered through the New Communities Partnership (NCP), this programme specifically addresses the needs of immigrants to Ireland who wish to set up their own business.

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Methodology used in the Best Practice

This Migrant Entrepreneurship Training Skills Programme provides practical training to migrant entrepreneurs on the following topics:

  • Exploring client's business idea 
  • Writing a strategic business plan
  • Setting up a start-up-business
  • Understanding the legal, financial and tax requirement in Ireland
  • Developing a social entrepreneurship project
  • Development & management of incubation units
  • Identifying sources of micro finance
  • Applying for finance
  • Creating a platform for clients to network with other business leaders

This training programme provides practical information and advice to budding migrant entrepreneurs in Ireland who want to explore the idea of setting up their own business. 

The training is delivered in a hands-on, learner-centred approach so that migrant entrepreneurs get maximum benefit from their participation on the programme.  

One of the biggest successes of this training programme is that as well as providing migrant entrepreneurs with relevant training, delivered in a learner-centred format, the programme also matches migrant entrepreneurs with mentors from migrant communities who have gone through this process and who have set up a business in Ireland. These established entrepreneurs are best placed to advise new entrepreneurs from migrant backgrounds as they are successfully running their business, they have overcome the same challenges and obstacles which will face new migrant entrepreneurs and they are willing to share their experiences and expertise with their peers.

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